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Board Game overview of Astralis – Forgotten Fighters

In a galaxy divided in two by competing superpowers, only few systems manage to be free from their grasp: they are known as the Forgotten Systems. Even in this officially uncontested region of space, conflict finds its home. A total war would bring utter destruction to the whole galaxy, so the two superpowers must rely on Forgotten Fighters Mercenary Companies…
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The backstory of Astralis – Forgotten Fighters

Every good game is a mix of gameplay, setting and story. I wanted Astralis to be unique, aesthetically pleasing, with an intriguing experience and with the right dystopian twist. I quickly began working on the backstory, starting from this question: why would we need to have space battles? Instinctively my mind pulled a peculiar answer: "Because it's awesome!". Obviously, love…
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The conception of Astralis

My name is Marco Cavicchioli and it's with great pleasure that I announce Astralis - Forgotten Fighters, a videogame of which I am the Game Designer. I would like to tell you the story of its conception, if you have some time to spare. In the last few years I've been appreciating a lot MOBAs gameplay experience. With a bit…
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