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We Make Digital Dreams

Enrich your digital presence with a video game specially crafted for your brand. Wannabe-Studios turns users’ digital dreams into reality.

Catch Clients

Increase your fan base in a creative way. Take advantage of a fresh communication medium and expand your marketing mix with new strategies thanks to video games.

Clear Method

The video game development has some peculiarities you should not fully know, we will do our best to support you and your strategic choices.

From theory to practice

Have you got an idea?

Cutting-edge, always


With Blender we can realize awesome 3D models, high poly and low poly.
Unity is the tool of choice in the process of making new gen video games. Powerful and extremely flexible.
Thanks to Photoshop and its completeness we are able to create stunning art works.
Articy Draft is very useful to support the writing process.
Substance Painter is a 3D painting tool with some cool features.
Audio is not a secondary issue and FL Studio is a true ace in the hole.