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Every good game is a mix of gameplay, setting and story. I wanted Astralis to be unique, aesthetically pleasing, with an intriguing experience and with the right dystopian twist. I quickly began working on the backstory, starting from this question: why would we need to have space battles?

Instinctively my mind pulled a peculiar answer: “Because it’s awesome!”. Obviously, love alone can’t build an entire setting. So, starting from the base idea of the game given by Marco (mercenaries in space) I decided to take inspiration from our own cold war to create a similar scenario. This is the result.

Two galactic superpowers are at each other’s throat. The existence of stellar grade weapons of mass destruction limit the risk of open conflict so war for supremacy is done at the galaxy fringes, where select ships duel for control of a precious mineral. This mineral is needed to facilitate matter-antimatter reaction and is key in energy production. Who controls energy, controls the universe. Fighting is hard in the outer sectors and the tensions between the superpowers arises. An armistice is signed to avoid mutual annihilation, limiting each other works in many fringe mineral zones. These are now reign of all kind of outlaws and mercenaries: employed by the superpowers to do their dirty works:Forgotten Fighters.

In this cold war background, we found many characters. War veterans, aliens that needs the mineral to live and other many different creatures are the true protagonists of our MOBA style “Astralis – Forgotten Fighters”.